Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas Shortage in the Southeast

image I hate when this happens.

The charming and beautiful Susan got a call from her mother in Asheville, NC, today asking if we were short on gas in Northern California. Well, we're not short on gas and our gas stations are all open for business.

But you all in the south are. And it looks like it's only going to get worse in the wake of Hurricane Ike.

Check out this story from the Knoxville News:

Knoxville-area drivers are seeing more bags on gasoline pumps today as a petroleum shortage spreading throughout the Southeast hits local gas stations, groceries and convenience stores.

Refinery outages along the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Gustav have created severe shortages, causing retailers like Weigel's to scramble to keep their pumps flowing. And Hurricane Ike is bearing down on Texas, drawing a bead on North America's petroleum manufacturing capital of Houston and portending a worst-case scenario for dealers and consumers.

"Knoxville has been out of gas since Monday. We've been buying gas from Atlanta, North Carolina, Kentucky, anywhere we can get it," said Bill Weigel, head of the Weigel's chain of convenience stores in Knox, Blount, Sevier, Loudon, Anderson and Monroe counties.

I'm going to fill up my tank after I hit Starbucks'.

read the rest of the article here


Anonymous said...

Augusta Ga. friday 12th the bags on the pumps just started. and will ingulf all of the city by Am, As South Carolinens come to fill up,

Mike West said...
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Anonymous said...

In south carolina the same has happend. And they are dry also.

Anonymous said...

My bigest question is why is the south being hit by this, I under stand the huracane and it's targets. that is god's will to the greed of the land. But being cut short is man made. And the planing of the companeys that distrubiute the gas. Does the south have that much eavel in it. or is it a awakining to be brepaired to reenter the past life, A simpler life to witch we are still close to.........

Anonymous said...

I was planning a trip to Milledgeville, GA today and I live in SC. I have called stations in SC and GA and they are out or just about to run out at 6 am 9/13. I called AAA roadside assistance and they said that due to most places not having gas now they will not bring emergency gas to you but will tow you to your destination... for $3 a mile! So I'll be staying in Columbia watching the football game.

Anonymous said...

Here Is a sticker shock, Most all that claimed to be out of gas last night. Opend after 12pm with Higher prices, Yet no deleverys were made in the night. The state or States could in a few minuts walk to a few and demand delevery papers on just a few and cover the gas for the school system in just fines, Not to say anything about road tax........Oil Companys will do anything to get you to buy, Even Scair tacitcs to get you to fill up and charge! As if this country needs more on credit. When it crashes and burns We will be the ones that suffer..