Sunday, March 16, 2008

Get it back down

I've finally been able to get my run times down to a time I can actually talk about again. Next month I start training for a marathon that I will run in October so I'm thinking about these things again. I like to run a marathon every year. In past years, that's always happened at the beginning of the year in January when Billy and I ran the Disney World Marathon in Orlando. That always takes place in January. This year, I'll be ten months behind schedule, but at least I'll get one in in 2008.

Friday's Run
distance: 6.25 miles
time: 55:06; 8:49/mile
767 calories

This is my best time in over a year. I need to keep this pace up if I want to finish my marathon in under four hours which is my goal this year. It was my goal last year, too, but I didn't pull it off. It was too hot and muggy at the 2007 Disney World Marathon.

Running Tips from
Tip One: Wear spandex shorts under your regular running shorts so you don’t chafe "down there."

This was pretty fashionable in the 90's along with man pony tails and grunge. But you don't see it much these days. But it's still a pretty good tip. I usually ignore the chafing. It goes numb after awhile. Or blood lubricates the irritated areas. But then it really burns when you take that first shower. Soap and sweat hit that chafed up area and you find out pretty quickly that you should have not worried so much about the out-of-style fashion statement and went with the spandex.


Anonymous said...

Man, no way my 40 year old joints will hold up to that kind of pounding. More power to you. It's biking for me from here on out; my running days have long since passed.

Anonymous said...

Dude...after every run I often think about Club Geritol that ran at JD State day...if we are lucky that will be us.

Anonymous said...

The chaffing info towards the end is some info I could go without. haha.