Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Allie Outing

Allie is definitely feeling better. It's amazing how this little person dictates the mood of the moment with her little teeny tiny disposition.

Pictured above is Allie in her favorite swing at Sequoia Park. One cool thing about Eureka: it has a bunch of really neat neighborhood parks. There are two or three that I can think of within a mile from my house. And they have these little bucket swings that work perfectly for Allie.

She's really losing her baby-ness. She looks less like a baby everyday and more like a little human. Babies, for some reason, don't look like people to me - they're too cute. But now that Allie is getting older and growing some attitude, she seems more like a little human. A cute little human.

She's playing with me here, this little human. She knows I want her to look toward me, but she's being defiant. She thinks it's funny to be defiant.

Dig the sweet leopard print on those pantalones. Those came from Allie's fashion forward Grandma Ruth down in Florida. Her green hoodie doesn't exactly match. That was picked out by her constantly clashing Pop-pop (i.e., the author of this blog).

Thanks for all your prayers, again you all. They've had an immediate effect.


Lynn(e) said...

green and purple don't match??? tell that to the Wimbledon tennis club!

thanks for posting the photos--allie is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

Anonymous said...

I could just eat her up!! SO CUTE! So, is your name Pop-Pop officially or will you be Daddy when you adopt her? That's a huge decision I suppose.
So glad to see things are looking up; we'll keep praying for all of your requests Bryon!
Did you get the book yet?? It was sent a while ago.. priority mail. We may have to send another.. let me know.

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.Gosh. So adorable. Those baby blues are intoxicating!

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here, trying to think of some original way to say how utterly *cute* Allie is, and failing, miserably. And I can't wait to read your posts about how funny she thinks it is to be defiant when she's three years old--or five.... :o)

Thank God we have an open door to Him. We would all be so lost, if we couldn't pour out our hearts to him, and ask other people to do so on our behalf. Glad to have a good report.

And she really is. Cute, that is. Adorable, precious...cute!