Thursday, February 14, 2008

Expand your language

truthi-ness, wikiality, suck-tackular, informationable... These are words either seriously under-used or made up. I introduced you to them here.

One under-used word that I predict will be heard over and over is the Clemens coined word: "misremembered" as in, "my good friend, Mr. Pettitte, is an upstanding, truthful person. He didn't lie about me, he misremembered."

Not only can our sports gods do whatever they want, they're allowed to redefine language as they see fit.


Anonymous said...

Years ago, I opened a frozen entree', then read the box. It told me that the "dish" the food was in was "ovenable." News to me!

A couple of years earlier, I had heard a word on the radio, on my way to school. I can't remember the context, but the word coined was "incentivize." I don't think I've ever been incentivized by anyone but God. No one else would dare to try it! 8)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...another blogging buddy claimed that an 8) would always appear as a smiley face. Guess he was wrong!