Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My computer has collided with my arrogance. Don't you hate when you think you know something only to find out that the knowledge you think you have falls dismally short?

My computer has slowed way down, so I started clicking this and deleting that. "What's this? I don't know. I must not be using it." Delete. Crash.

Then I found an XP disk in my office so I thought I'd just reload it. But I erased everything in the process. My computer didn't even recognize itself. And it didn't know me from Adam. It couldn't hook-up to the internet. It didn't remember where any of my files were. It didn't know what size to display itself on the monitor. It was, like, in a coma.

But I am now addressing you from the very same computer. I'm on the internet. The screen works. Yipee. I found all the drivers I needed on my manufacturrs website. I can't believe I thought to look there. Pretty impressive. I guess I am smart. I'm a legend in my own mind.

What stupid thing did you do lately? Feel free to come clean about voting for Hillary if you need to get it off your chest...


Anonymous said...

as Chris and now I would say...'my mac just works' :)

Bryonm said...

mac fanboy. you'll see. mac's ain't majic. have a nice drive to the mac store if you need something one on your computer...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. you're funny.

Kat said...


Bryonm said...

You've come to the right place to get that off your chest :)

Chris Goeppner said...

hi from mockba.
get a mac dood.
you wont be dissappointed

Mary Gerber said...

Sadly I am a registered Republican so I couldn't vote for Hilary (Huckabee got my vote). If she becomes the Democratic candidate for Pres. she's got my vote because I think she did a great job the FIRST time she was president and I think she will do a great job again....lol But, I do have to get something of my chest...I voted for Bush in both elections. Clearly I was suffering from some sort of temporary insanity at the time.

Kat said...

Had I been a Republican, Huckabee would have gotten my vote. I like that he wants to close down the IRS!
I voted for Ron Paul(when he was a registered Libertarian) the first Bush election, then for Bush the second time around. I have yet to forgive myself for that one. I did it for my mom who, when I told her said, "I don't care who you vote for, I raised you to think for yourself!" Sigh.....another missed opportunity to vote for a third party candidate.
This election we have some actual choices....what a concept!

Lesley said...

Hey there! I found your blog from Carole's! Love you blog and the precious Allie :-)

Anyway, Huckabee got my vote too here in Louisiana. Not that he has a chance of actually winning the nomination :-(

It's looking like Hillary is losing steam, which will leave us with McCain vs Obama.

I WAS (notice the past tense) a big fan of George Bush... voted for him twice. Yep, I admit it. After the past 8 years, I think he has really done some (ok, A LOT) of damage to our country. Pretty much has run it into the ground.

I'm a registered Republican, but I never vote for someone based solely on their party. Soooooooooooooo I still have some reading and research to do, but I'm leaning towards Obama.

Take Care!

Lesley said...

Oh, and a stupid thing I've done lately ... let me try to pick out just one!

How about yesterday when I was unloading the dishwasher and opened the refrigerator to put away the clean glasses?!?!?!!!

Lesley :-)