Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ali sitting up

I love getting your emails and comments. I know that there are so many of our friends out there reading this blog and praying for us, but for some reason, it takes your daily encouragement to help keep us going and still feeling like our lives are friend-filled.

One friend emailed and asked some questions about some of the recent pictures I've posted of Ali sitting on the charming and beautiful Susan's lap and in the highchair. The question was: "Is she sitting up on her own now ... or is she more

Here's my answer:

Ali is being supported in the picture or the most part. But her head and torso control have really improved. So, yes, Ali is getting a "spot." But alot of that "is her." She's definitely more and more comfortable in her own skin. She pleases us at every therapy appointment. We're working hard to have her sitting up in the next six months. I'll probably blog the contents of this email as it relates to Ali since you're not the only one with questions.

Ali has a long way to go. Deb the Magician has done incredible work with Ali. Yesterday, we blew bubbles (yes, bubbles) and it was evident that Ali saw them. Deb the Magician is a speech language pathologist that uses methods that wake up and restore muscle control through out the whole body. Deb the Magician is an Anat Baniel Method /Feldenkrais Practitioner. Follow the preceding link for some interesting reading and continue to pray that God continues to fill Deb the Magician with wisdom and discernment.


Anonymous said...

Not getting what I want can either leave me angry and bitter, feeling deprived...or teach me to be thankful for what I have. As much as we've all prayed for total healing, as much as we all wanted Ali to "come back" in those first few days and weeks, what we have are these "little miracles" of improvement. We thank God for them, and we celebrate them.

And that's about where the "we" stops. All the in-between stuff, the day-to-day stuff, the not-so-good stuff, the stress and the fighting and the grief--that's all dumped on you and Susan. My prayers for you two have just become more specific. The Enemy will use your grief against you, every chance he gets.

Lord of all, please bring your peace to this family. Carry them when the rocks are too big to climb over, when the waves threaten to drown them. Be the Strength that they lack, in themselves; remind them that You are weaving the circumstances into the tapestries of their lives to create beauty that they can't see, right now. Only You can do that, and it is Your promise. Thank you for that, for being who You are, in Jesus' name.

Anonymous said...

Leaning, sitting, or being spotted ... she is looking more and more like a healthy little girl.

Anonymous said...

After reading the information on that link, especially the section on what success looks like, I am so encouraged for Ali! Praise God for the knowledge Deb the Magician has! We will pray that therapy sessions continue to be fruitful! Praise God she saw those bubbles!
We're bubbling with joy over all her accomplishments... big and small!!
Love to All,
Thom, Jody, Josiah, Isaac, Charity, Jonathan, Melody and Caleb