Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Progress

Our little Ali had a very productive day. Today's highlight was the visit from Ali's speech therapist Deb. Deb is like... magic.

Notice that little gizmo strapped to Ali's neck. What Deb the magician is doing with that apparatus is listening to Ali swallow. That thing is plugged into a little speaker pack so we ca all hear what's happening in Ali's little throat. Bet your iPhone can't do that.

So Ali did great! She did well enough that Deb the magician was confident that Ali could take several sips from a bottle with a regular nipple.

Ali LOVED drinking from that bottle. I wonder if it seems familiar to her.

We started out the day this morning playing with some of Ali's new toys. This ball makes sounds, flashes, sings, and rolls around in funky patterns. Ali laughs at it. I help her slap it to keep flashing, rolling, and singing.

I can think of no sounds on earth more heavenly than Ali laughing.


Luann said...

Her smile is priceless.

Anonymous said...

What a miracle she is.

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely precious! So glad to hear about the progress she is making.
-Marcos and Susan

Anonymous said...

She is, indeed, precious, and her laughter is a beautiful gift from God...just as she is. Wish I could actually hear her!

Mike West said...

God has some big plans for this little girl.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh look how her hair is growing! It appears redish is the pictures. She is so adorable and I thank the Lord she is progressing. And I wanted to tell you, Bryon, and Susan that I admire your strength and am amazed that you are letting God use you so heavily in your granddaughter's life. She may never know all that you went through in the first years of her life, but there will be many people to tell her how wonderful and self-sacrificing you two have been. I pray for many blessings and rewards for your whole family.

Anonymous said...

I always forget to sign my name lol - previous post from Brigitte