Monday, July 02, 2007

Mommy and Daughter

This morning started out kind of rough for little Miss Ali. We had a nine o'clock appointment at physical therapy. I pinched Ali's chubby little leg in the car seat's buckle. I hate when I do that. So does Ali. She let me know about it. I think she cussed.

Ali punished me for the car seat episode by not cooperating during physical therapy. But they did some work with her on her belly and Ali did great. She was trying to crawl! She just doesn't have all the strength and coordination she needs to pull it off, yet.

Afterward, when we put her back in the car seat, I had both grandmas watching me like a hawk to make sure I didn't injure their poor little baby.

We drove through Sequoia Park and saw a deer. Then Ali started to throw a fit while strapped in her car seat, which is stressful. I can't get home fast enough when that happens. When we did get home, she went right down for a nap in her crib. She's doing better and better by herself both on the floor and in her crib.

After a short nap, Deb the speech therapist came over. She worked with Ali's back and neck muscles, hands, and fingers. She also dipped Ali's pacifier in ice water to increase the sensation Ali gets when she has it in her mouth.

Charity continued the cold pacifier technique after Deb the nurse went to take care of her next patient.

Ali and Charity had a great chance to enjoy each other's company.


Anonymous said...

My little girls used to hate it when I'd pinch them in the car seat too. Go figure.

I truly admire you. Praying for Ali and your family. Blessings, dear brother.

Anonymous said...

Neat pictures of mommy and daughter. I'm glad they got to spend some time together.

Unknown said...

I agree, great mommy/daughter pics! Glad you guys had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

i'd cuss at you too if you pinched some of my baby fat.