Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Morning Update

Ali had a great weekend. Grandma Ruth is visiting from Florida. Charity was also able to visit this weekend. It was busy, but Ali did great. Grandma Ruth's available arms gave opportunity to the charming and beautiful Susan and I to sneak off to Starbuck's for an hour to sip coffee together. What a treat.
I also took the opportunity to look up a couple of old friends in town. Ron is was buddy I connected with. I met Ron when I was thirteen at the school bus stop. I said something that agitated him and earned myself a bloody nose. We've been good friends ever since. We lose touch when I'm not in town, but we seem to pick up right where we left off. Ron has been walking with the Lord for the same amount of time I have. He was a partner in crime and now a brother in the Lord. Weird, huh? Most of our close friends have either been killed or are serving the Lord.


Anonymous said...

How is the tube doing? What is stopping it from coming out is it her being able to swallow? Just wanting to know the specifics to request in prayer and see what God does.

Bryonm said...


First of all: we hate this tube.But it's a necessary evil until Ali is able to eat normally. She responds well to small bits of food dabbed on her mouth with a pacifier. And Ali naturally protects her airways. But she needs to become or coordinated with the swallowing and breathing. That's what the speech therapist will be working on.

Anonymous said...

Delighted that you all had a great weekend...and a coffee date!!