Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jeff's Project

Jeff Thompson, the worship leader at Calvary Chapel Jupiter, is working on a project featuring original music. I've listened in as he's produced the music for this and am looking forward to the final product.

Kudos to you and your team, Jeff.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad for Jeff my first time at Calvary chapel I was not used this kind of music in church specially with my backround being a Latin Christian I had never heard soft rock in church which I Believe it is I am sorry if it is not, I am more into clasical and soft music also soft merengue so it was kind of shocking and something I did not think I was going to like very much until my second visit to the church I was so impressed about the way Jeff sings and his boldness and when he is singing is coming out of his heart in such a faithful way that it totally captured me. Sergio my husband loves it even though he is an opera guy he likes rock I did not think it would get his attention, well it has to the point that all he hears now in the car is 88.1 FM which has been a blessing...God Bless your proyect and let you continue to be a vessel to bring people closer to Him.