Sunday, June 03, 2007

Angel Eyes

I stared at this beautiful sight all morning. I know I've written that she has come so far, but I just can't say it enough. I remember the condition Ali was in a little over a month ago. It was bleak. I wanted to be faithful an hope-filled, but I was crushed. 10,000 pounds sat on my chest and there's no amount of hope or faith that could budge or bench press five tons. But thanks to the fervent prayers of faith-filled friends, that bar-bell began to levitate. It was like Samson was my weight lifting buddy.

This is how the doctor found me this morning when the charming and beautiful Susan was in the shower. Laying next to Ali. The doctor on the floor today was the same doctor that was on the floor the night the ambulance brought Ali in.

The night Ali wasn't breathing.

The night the world was flipped upside-down.

This doctor met me a month ago with the most sobering discussion I've ever had. Ali was in a coma, a machine was breathing for her, and Ali could not maintain her own body temperature.

This morning when the doctor came in, there was a smile on her face and we talked about Ali going home. We talked about the necessary preparations and arrangements and the action items for this coming week. What a difference a month can make. I wonder what next month holds in store for us and Ali.


Anonymous said...

Some would say that Ali had an unlucky start to her little life. I would disagree. Looking at the photos of the past few weeks, I would say she's one of the most loved children I've ever seen. :)

jeremyself said...

bro. you are such a model to all who go through difficult times with wilted faith, learning to trust the Lord all over again, seeing His faithfulness, and experiencing victory! know this isn't completely over, but I'm continuing to pray! bless you and Susan!

Unknown said...

So glad to hear there's talk of Ali going home now! I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for you guys. Thanks for all the updates and great pictures! Continuing to pray!

Anonymous said...

i cried seeing the picture of little ali in today's post. God is so good and His lovingkindness endure forever. Blessings upon you and your family as you walk in His ways.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to so much love all over this blessed Child of God. This is what we have all been praying for those wide open eyes and so much more...We keep you in our prayers..

Anonymous said...

Great news Bryon! Thanks for the update.
Keep Looking Up!
Mike & Mary West

Anonymous said...

What a mighty God we serve! What beautiful praying friends you have! If I could I would crawl through the screen and give each and every Mondok a big hug. I love you guys and continue to pray for Ali and all those precious folks to love her . . . that being yous!

Anonymous said...

If--or, when--I ever think I have occasion to doubt the awesome power and equally awesome love of our Lord, will you, or any member of your family, or any reader of this blog, please slap me upside the head? Alternatively, just show me some of the pic's of Ali over the past month.

Those are really incredible eyes in that child's face!