Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just a few minutes ago, while I was sitting on the couch with Ali, the house started shaking. We had an earthquake that registered 5.1 in magnitude. I jumped up with Ali, grabbed the charming and beautiful Susan, and stood with everyone in a door jamb. By the time I got off the couch, the shaking had stopped, but we stood there for a few minutes in case of aftershocks.

It turns out that it centered northwest of here off the coast of Trinidad, CA.

Welcome to Northern California.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Earthquakes are one of the reasons Bruce will not consider retiring in California, when he retires, smog and traffic being the other two . . . despite the flowers and the weather that's cooler than southern Arizona.

Southern Cal' had a mild shakeup while my sister and I were in Indio, a couple of weeks ago. One of the more minor ones I've felt in many decades. "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"--other than that, how do you like Arcata/Humboldt? I've never been that far north in Calif.

Still praying for you all!

Unknown said...

I know what earthquakes are like. We had one that shook our apartment building when I was about 12. It was in Riverside. Woke me up out of bed. No real big damage. I do remember there was a crack in the building. I'm glad everyone is okay.

Mike West said...

If you're lucky you can make it back to S. Florida before hurricane season is over. :)