Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day Out

I've done a pile of griping lately about how hard things have been for us. But Ali's progressed tremendously since we've been in Eureka. She has greater range of motion with her hands and arms. She puts here fingers in her mouth and touches my face when lay together in bed or on the couch. She plays a kissing game with me. Ali sits up (not by herself, however) on my lap and in my arms. She was amazing in physical therapy this morning. And, for the first time, today we took her shopping with us at Target.

Ali's feeding machine is battery powered and can be stuffed in a little custom made back back. So while the charming and beautiful Susan walked around Target and shopped, Ali and I sat in the little Starbucks that's in the Target store (how cool is that?) and sipped coffee. Me, not Ali. I can't imagine Ali on caffeine.

(I'll update this post with pictures tomorrow. Right now, the camera is in the room where Ali's sleeping. I'm too oafish to slip in the room quietly without waking her.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a positive report. What a joy to know that Ali is still making progress, and that you do have some good days with her!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Glad to read this. I guess today is a good day! A little at a time right?

Marcos & Susan

Unknown said...

That's awesome. I'm glad to hear things are going good. The target in Lake Park has a starbucks too.

Anonymous said...

I love Target (and Starbucks, but that goes without saying). I'm glad to hear you're developing good taste in Ali at a young age.