Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Check It Out

"Hey, check it out: they ha--"

"Hey, check it out," Susan cut in. "Ali's kicking both her legs now."

Up until today, Ali had only been kicking one leg. But today, when the nurse cam in to weigh her, Ali flipped out because someone dared to disturb her rest and started kicking both her legs like she was riding a bicycle a hundred miles and hour while laying on her back on the scale. I witnessed this, but the beautiful and charming Susan did not. So this was a first for her.

"I have something really important to say," I said. "Why did you interrupt?"

"What?" asked Susan.

"There's Nilla Wafers in the kitchen."

To which Aaron said, "That's something Homer Simpson would say."


Anonymous said...

Thank You Jesus. Praise God!!! Continued blessings. God is god, all the time!!!

Anonymous said...

True Confession: Nilla Wafers are my favorite cookie. Sometimes I eat an entire box. In one sitting. I bet Ali likes them, too ... or will someday soon.

Unknown said...

awesome that she's kicking up a storm! haha glad you guys are all together to have these Homer Simpson moments! And I do agree, Nilla wafers are pretty awesome!