Monday, June 18, 2007

Calvary Chapel Eureka

Butterflies fluttered around in my stomach this morning as I went into the church service. Going to a different church makes me really nervous. I like to sneak in after the music starts, sit in the back, and be the first one out when the pastor wraps up. I like anonymity. Especially lately. Small talk takes too much energy and an in depth conversation takes even more. Do you ever feel that way?

I enjoyed the message delivered by Pastor Glen Mustian. He's the new senior pastor. I met Don Parker, the former senior pastor, at a conference last fall. I was a little surprised that Don wasn't there this morning.

Mustian is working through the book of Mark. Whenever I go to church, I'm honestly looking for the Lord to speak to me through the message. Pastor Glen gave a great talk and I especially took note of three things in Mark 1:16-45:

1. Follow Me. There is never a time not to follow Jesus, but now more than ever, I need to follow Him. That's as basic as it gets. It's fundamental. No matter what you do, in order to do it well, you must know the fundamentals.

2. Jesus will make us become fishers of men. I've been busy trying to make myself a fisher of men. It's not my job. It's His.

3. Get before the Lord and let Him recharge me. That's what I got from Mustian's comments on verse 35: "He went out to a solitary place; and there He prayed." I'm here living at my sister's house for who knows how long and getting alone with the Lord is a challenge. But it's crucial. How else will I make the most wise decisions for my family and me? How will I keep my priorities straight if I don't find my way to a solitary place?

It's my only lifeline.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Bryon : God Loves his children and you and everyone in your family is one of them. I pray that you all will feel his love and protection more than ever.

We keep all of you in our prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are good points, from the sermon, with good applications. I need to spend some time with them...and with Him...myself.

I keep trying to come up with something profound to say to you. The truth is, I would be so totally overwhelmed by all that you, Susan and Ali--especially--have to face that I would probably be on my face. Praying, I hope; paralyzed, possibly. But from this distance, I know God is not overwhelmed and you can trust Him.

Anonymous said...

Bryon--I checked out the article at and I'm sure it scared you guys. As you know, my 15 year old son is a special needs child. It was not the result of
SBS, but rather oxygen deprivation at birth. However, the symptoms are very similar. I believe you met my son when you spoke to the Merge(middle school) group last month. If you remeber him, you probably didn't notice a severe handicap. (The result of a wonderful God.) He still has problems, but he is the biggest blessing the Lord has ever given me.
Although it's important to be informed about Ali's condition, I wouldn't listen to much of what the "professionals" say about her future. If I had listened to them, George would not be as well off as he is today. Remeber we serve a mighty and all powerful God who will heal Ali according to His perfect will. As the Lord tells us so many times "DO NOT FEAR". No matter what, Ali is and will be the biggest blessing the Lord has ever given you. Love you guys and praying hard!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the newest Mondok is doing so well! Our family has been praying for all of you! Ali is blessed to have you and Susie to be there with her. Ali is so beautiful!

Thinking of all the Mondoks,

P.S. Isn't Ali's birthday the 26th? Is there an address I can send a little something to? =)
My email is

Bryonm said...

I had no idea that George had any disabilities what so ever. George is a great kid. Thanks for the encouraging comments.

Marnie & Vickie:
Thanks for being such faithful readers and encouraging commenters, too.

Mike West said...

The best lessons are always in the valley. The problem is, we often don't recognize them until He helps us climb out.
Keep Looking Up!
Mike & Mary West