Friday, June 22, 2007

Birthday Girl

My baby girl is twenty today. This picture to the left is her at about one year old, maybe less. Being a dad has been a challenge from day one. I don't think there's a dad in the world that doesn't work harder for the affection of his little girl above every other relationship.

Happy birthday Charity. I hope this next year is your best year yet. You're due.

Fatherhood is a life-picture that demonstrates truth about God. God loves us unconditionally the way we love our kids. No matter how our kids screw up, we can't un-love them or quench the instinct to want to protect and bless them. I need to remember how baffled I am that my kids won't learn from my experience or when they spurn my good-will toward them. Often I do the very same to my own Heavenly Father when I fix my heart on willing disobedience when He has loved me infinitely more than I love my own flesh and blood.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthdate Charity! May the Lord be with you and we hope like your father that your best year is yet to come with many blessings in your live and that the Lord surrands your with his love.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charity... the cool thing is you share it with Dash, he is two today and even more precious than he was two years ago when he came into this world. Every day I think "ok, I love this kid to my hearts capacity" and then the next day comes and I love him even more than the day before, which I didnt know was possible, as I thought I loved him to capacity the day before. Then I am hit square in the face with the reality that God loves him (and I) even more than that, thats the most astounding part! We are praying for amazing things for you this year!

Much love,
Emily Edwards

Mike West said...

Happy Birthday Charity. As you know, God has given you some incredible parents!
Mike & Mary West

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Charity, even if I am a day late!

Bryon, when I think how, knowing that nothing could separate me from my Father's love, I have willfully chosen to do life my way, my heart breaks all over again. "What wondrous love is this, O my soul!"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Charity. You're are in my prayers, dear friend. I know the Lord is going to do amazing things in your life. Having gone through this horrific experience can only make you stronger. Hold on to Jesus, and wait in great expectation for His blessings.
Loving you,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charity! We love you and praying and thinking of you often!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Charity. I've been keeping you and everyone else in my prayers.