Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Message from Mid-east Christians

This is a great article featuring the point of view of Arab Christians. Yes, there are such things as Arab Christians. I know we don't see those two words paired up in a friendly way in the same sentence, but it's true; Arabs can be Christians...
Western Christians "who have but disdain for Arabs" weren't spared Accad's anger: "World events in the last few years—even decades—have had as their main catalyst tens of thousands of evangelical Christians … who believe that apocalyptic destruction of all but their beloved Israel will be a precursor to global salvation."

Christians worldwide have learned to "speak about peace and to run seminars on conflict resolution," another Lebanese evangelical leader, Riad Kassis, wrote. Pity, he said, that they're so ineffective at working "for a real and just peace, particularly in the case of the Arab-Israeli conflict."

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