Thursday, March 08, 2007

Good Comedy

Fresh feed from my news reader:
10 Country Songs I'd Write if I Liked Country Music

1. She Thinks My Audi's Sexy
2. Ladies Love Country Boys with Midwestern Accents
3. You, Me and a Glass of Sweet Tea
4. Get Drunk and Be Somebody...Unless You're Baptist
5. Wake Me Up When There's a Wreck (The NASCAR Ballad)
6. Snoot Shootin' Boogers
7. Jesus, Take the Wheel 'Cause There's a Smokey on My Tail
8. Feels Like Love but Tastes Like Grits
9. Cowboy Take the Dixie Chicks Away
10. I'll Listen to Country Music When Waffle House Decides to Close

And, no, Sheryl Crow is not a country musician. She's a pop artist.

I especially identify with #5...
HT: Tony Morgan

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