Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Saddam the Martyr

These images are big stickers I scanned to share with you all. I bought them for two reasons:
1. I've never seen a picture in American media of Saddam Hussien with a smile on his face, and
2. these stickers are everywhere in the Middle Eastern country I visited recently. People sport these on the back of their cars and in shop windows. These images are stuck to the front and back windows of taxis. People have pimped out their bicycles and motorcycles with these images.

Here's what I find a little funny: when I was in this country eight months ago leading another team, when our hero was on trial, I didn't see any sign that anyone cared about this man. But now that he's dead, he's a hero.

Go figure.

This is a picture of Saddam's first impressions as a crowd of perpetual virgins prepare to welcome him to paradise. (Click to enlarge or print)

In this picture, Saddam is comforting a child who has a family member being tortured off camera. (Click to enlarge or print)

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Chris Goeppner said...

thanks for the pic, i think i will hang it in my office.