Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 SE Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference: Don McClure

16 January 2007

I've been a little side-tracked lately with a two week trip to the Middle East, so I didn't finish posting about the 2007 SE Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference. I know almost a month has gone by and all of you have moved on, but I'm still looking back through my notes and loving what I'm reading.

When I think "Old School," I think Don McClure. I mean "Old School" in the fondest sense of the concept. Think back to chalk boards and erasers; not white board and definitely not PowerPoint. Think about a crush on your sixth grade teacher. Think about recess and dodge ball and four square. Think peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That's what I mean when I say "Old School." Fond memories of time before high-tech flash and pizazz. Don's been around the Calvary Chapel Movement since those days and has a style that boils down what's happening today in our movement into a base with an Old School, vintage flavor. I'm grateful for men like Don who are not swayed by the latest fashion or fad. He's not sniffing the air for the latest wind of doctrine.

So here are some thoughts from the notes I took during Pastor Don's talk:
  • God, what do You want to do in me? Not: what is God doing everywhere else? What are You doing in me?
And then he posed this interesting question:
  • Who of you wish there were two of somebody else and none of you? I took that to mean, like, "I wish I were Bob Coy." (There would be two of Bob and none of me, which might not be a bad thing, except that I think my wife likes being married to me.)
And I'm not judging, but I think Don drinks way too much coffee because, whoa, he sure talks fast.

And then Don said made this really interesting statement:
  • Anytime one truth becomes THE TRUTH, it becomes a lie. Jesus is THE TRUTH.
  • Success itself can be worshiped as a god.
  • I'm someone that people are watching.
  • Rejoice in all things even when being poured out as an offering to God.
For more info about Don and his ministry, check out his website (definitely "Old School"): Calvary Way Ministries

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