Sunday, January 21, 2007


My pastor has a saying: "God loves you... and I have a wonderful plan for your life."

It has always been and always will be. But why so often within the church? Why do pastors neglect the care of their own flocks to nit-pick another pastor?

Romans 14:10 says: But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ?

So take a deep breath and back off. Take care of your own flock.

I have a little bit of infantry training under my belt. When we hit the battle field, we moved out in squads. We all had the same mission. Kill the enemy. We had the same military doctrine. Each squad leader was qualified to lead, and many lead their squads exactly the same way (especially in the Marine Corps). But in many cases, the squad leaders had different leadership styles. But in battle or just about anywhere else would one squad leader tell another squad leader how he should lead his fire team. Squads support an reinforce each other. If they get busy nit-picking, people die. Your buddies fall.

You think it's any different in the battle we're fighting? It isn't. In fact, it's even more real and the losses more severe. Souls. The only activity we should engage is support and reinforcement. And don't tell me that we have to "criticize constructively" because young pastors are watching and taking their cues from the senior guys. Maybe they shouldn't be. Maybe the younger guys should be taught to seek the Lord for their own churches instead of peeking their heads over the fence to see what is working or not working for somone else.

If you are going to learn from the guys that have gone before, at least seek the Lord first. Then see if He wants you to mirror someone else's moves.

In the previous post, Pastor Bob posed the following question:
"What is your life worth to the person whose life has been changed when God used you as His instrument in that person's life?" I need to answer that question from as it relates to Pator Bob. Bob Coys life is incredibly valuable to me because of the ministry that taken place in my life. Under his teaching, I grew exponentially. When I felt called to ministry and thought it might be my own fantasy, Pastor Bob confirmed that it was indeed the Lord's call. I can't count how many times he's changed the direction he was walking just to stop and encourage me for a job well done.

I can not count them.

Ever since I've known him he's been swimming in the incredible growth of his congregation both numerically and spiritually. The duties and responsibilities that go along with that are impossible for me to grasp. Yet, he always takes a moment to mention something about something I've done and has given kudos. It helps me to keep growing.

But your critism, pastors, of other pastors has the opposite effect.

Please, brothers, learn to be advocates. The rewards are immeasurable. They are riches laid up where moth and rust don't destroy.

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