Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ali is learning how to grab, pick things up, and ut them into her mouth for thorough inspection. The glasses on my face are her ultimate goal.

One of the toys she has, pictured to the left, is this duck-pond blow-up thing. Little colorful objects shaped like bugs and fish float inside so that when she grabs what she wants, she actually pushes it away. What fun that must be for a little baby. Everything on the planet can be grabbed and shoved into her cute little baby mouth except these objects. Which, of course, make her want them more.

The instructions on the package say, "teaches Baby cause and effect." That's just what Baby wants to know. A physics lesson for a five month old.

Somebody was in a meeting one day or sitting at this desk and said, "I have an idea, baby toys that go away when you try to grab them."

To which, someone answered, " Great idea. Let's get it out in time for Christmas."

What would Santa think?

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