Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For Your Listening Pleasure: This will help get you started

My google homepage is updated daily with links to WikiHow To. But the article titles really have to snag my attention for me to read them. Here's the top How To of the Day: How to Appreciate Death Metal. It's an apologetic of sorts truly motivated to help switch you from your smooth jazz or classical music listening habit to death metal. Here's a quote from the article that will help you make the switch.
Understand the context and subject matter. Death metal lyrics and themes, while not to be taken literally, celebrate the outer extremes of human experience, such as the motivations of serial killers, the activities of the walking dead, death itself, and isolation. Death metal is less about generic anger and more about empathy for people who suffer from despair, isolation, and who possess an acute sense of unfair ostracism from society. Also, many bands will cover other topics not usually associated with death, such as mythology, religion, society, and even love.

"Even love." Charming.

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