Monday, November 27, 2006

chewing tobacco

We were talking in the office today about some of the stupidest things we did as kids because of peer pressure. Chewing tobacco is at the top of the list for me. Chewing Copenhagen was cool at my school. Wearing a little round circle into the back left pocket of your jeans was as much a status symbol then as sporting a shiny metal teeth is today.

This stuff made puke the first time I tried it. And the second. And the third. I puked everytime I put this junk in my mouth. The idea was to work up a tolerance to this junk, but I never could. Thank you, Lord.

How about those guys that walk around and spit in a cup or a soda can? Have you ever taken a sip off of one of those cans thinking it was your Coke? I have. Sick.

Have you ever caved into something this stupid and legal?


Anonymous said...

I did it too. I didn't have any problems with it as a young teenager, but I had stopped dipping early. Then, I tried it once while I was in college... just to prove to my peers (and me) that I was man enough -- after all, I had done it a bunch as a youngin', right?

I must have pinched a wee bit too much or something... I got such a buzz and my world wouldn't stop spinning! I layed down to take a nap at about noon and didn't wake up until noon the next day!

I'm such a wuss...

Bryonm said...

pete: you're not a wuss. you're a man for coming clean. you're my hero. you're the wind beneath my wings.