Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Demand My Pound of Flesh... er, Fat

My wife and I have been back to talking about dieting again. Here's a motivating/disguting blog post I found out there in blog land at the Cool Tools website.

Have you ever wondered what a pound of flesh looks like? Well take that pound and multiply it by the amount you want to lose, and... well, you get the picture.


A Pound of Fat
By michele
on Health

Looking for an effective weight loss motivator? Check out this all-too-realistic anatomically correct replica of one pound of human fat, complete with blood supply. Keep it on your dinner table and watch everybody lose their appetite. For even stronger motivation, you can buy the five-pounds-of-human-fat version.

Tom Ferguson
One Pound of Fat Replica


Available from Amazon


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... fat... makes everything taste better, right?

Keep us up to date on how the dieting goes!

Anonymous said...

i worked in surgery and i hated doing tummytucks, taking out 10 pounds of fat, holding it in my hands and taking pictures of it was no fun