Monday, August 14, 2006

Book Review: Body Percing Saved My Life

If you care about what you are doing in ministry looks like to the watching world, you should read this book. Andrew Beaujon takes an honest and fair look at the Christian Music industry. He interview artists of all stripes and colors, old school and new. P.O.D., Steve Taylor, Mute Math, David Bazan, and Switchfoot are just a sampling. My favorite chapter was the one he did on David Crowder.

Beaujon makes no bones about his lack of religion. But he doesn’t seem cynical or on the attack. And his “tongue-in-cheek” style of writing is actually endearing. At least it was for me and this is my review. He’s like one of those guys you have in your life that just needs one little nudge, it seems, and he’ll be all the way “on board”. You think if I could just get him to church when everything is ‘just right’ he’ll totally get it.

In all of our weird, Christian quirkiness, he seems to believe that our fervor for God and our love for men’s souls are genuine.

Get this book. I’ll be reading my copy again, soon.

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Chris Goeppner said...

good book. kind of a calvary chapel history lesson in there.