Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Night Session

Speaker: Shiferaw Michael

Shiferaw is a lawyer from Ethiopia. He was contracted by Compassion to handle the paperwork process opening the way for their work in his home country. He later became Compassion’s Country Director.

Under him, Compassion’s work to reach marginalized Ethiopian children expanded dramatically. Shiferaw successfully spearheaded new programs in Tanzania and now oversees all of Compassion’s projects on the African continent.

A Compassion Advocate is one that speaks out for children in poverty. That’s the focus of Compassion’s work. Shiferaw calls it the “amazing ministry of releasing children in Jesus’ name”. Compassion is a conduit for moving resources from Western local churches to local churches in the foreign field who reach those that have the heart of Jesus: children.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, there are 55 countries, 47 of them are the least developed on the planet and the home of the world’s largest population of young people. They are targeted by the Muslim world to be fully Islamized.

700,000 children will die of malaria and 2 million will die of water related illnesses. 60% of the population has 67 cents a day to live on. In Burundi, one in seven children are orphans.

Shiferaw said that there are many “Pharaohs” and “Herods” in Africa that take the lives of children. Advocacy is a great intervention.

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