Friday, July 28, 2006

Breakout Session 1

Breakout Session 1

Using a Blog to Promote Child Sponsorship
Tom Emmons

Tom, a fellow blogger, is Compassion’s Internet Marketing Program Manager. It’s Tom’s job to give Compassion as high of an internet profile as possible. In his talk he gave us great examples and valuable tools to achieve that goal at a very grass roots level. Anyone that sponsors a child and has internet access can get up and running with a blog of their very own that will tell personal stories of Compassion involvement while driving internet traffic to Compassion’s website. That’s a very cool way to jump on board with the ministry.

Tom shared some great examples of blogs that are already out there doing just that. One of those bloggers was in the session. Vicki Small has a blog dedicated to Compassion.
Tom shared some places on the web to get Creative Resources from Compassion: Compassion Image Library and Compassion Internet Videos.

Great talk, Tom. We’ll be seeing you in the blogosphere.


Joan said...

I can see some use for this, but think we often have the most impact not having an "official" looking site, but just putting articles like you did on our "ordinary" blog. I'm more likely to pay attention to the average Joe than someone who appears to be "one of them". Not that you are averge, or anything...well, you get my point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your note on the blogging session! Are you interested in trading links with me? Since I have two blogs, yours would get double exposure.

I've posted a short note on my Compassion blog referring to yours, giving the link there. I complimented you on your photos, too. I'm a little envious, but I'll get over it.