Saturday, July 29, 2006

George Jowee

George Jowee

George grew up in a Nairobi slum. He explained that it was a difficult process for children to get enrolled in Compassion’s sponsorship program. There are so many needy children. It is just as difficult to get Sponsors. Many people walk up to Compassion displays at conferences, festivals, and churches just to browse, curiously. But the choice of kids to pick can be overwhelming and potential sponsors just walk away.

It’s a meticulous process to match a child with a sponsor. I picked up a packet for a young West African boy today. (Sponsor a child)

George said that once he was enrolled in Compassion his whole life changed. Jowee explained that he was a hooligan growing up among peers that soon contracted HIV/AIDS or destroyed the mental functions with drugs, or were shot by police or other gang members. Jungle law is rules in Kenya’s slums.

George grew up in a house with seven brothers and sisters, his mother, two aunts, and twelve cousins. When I say house, I mean hut. When George was away for Compassion events, the house rejoiced over the space gained.

There was division in the house, as you can imagine, with such a crowd. George explained that his sponsor was wise enough to address correspondence “To George and Family”. The letters were saved and reread at Christmas time. Jowee said that this had a calming effect on the family and helped overcome the division.

Jowee is all grown up and attends university here in the US. When home in Nairobi, he volunteers with Compassion to teach, speak to, and reach kids in Compassion’s Kenya program.

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