Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mac Snobbery

Mac guys are in a class all by themselves. Right now, all you Mac guys are saying, "You got that right."

And all you PC guys are saying, "You got that right."

If you have a problem with your PC (I think PC stands for Planet’s Choice), the Mac guy will just roll his eyes, give you a condescending “I told you so” look, and give you the Mac Mantra, “shoulda boughta mac.”

The gadget guru bloggers out there are having a wet dream over this new black Mac. They tell you that Macs are more integrated, that people doing any kind of credible audio/visual work use a Mac. It has a “fire wire”. It has an “airport”. It has really neat icons that magnify when you mouse over them. Neato. Now it comes in black.

First, Mac colors.

Next: White.

Now: Black.

That’s innovation.

That’s slick marketing. Some guys are so ga-ga over the black Mac that they totally forgot they have the white Mac (that’s how I got mine cheap). White is yesterday’s news.

“Wow. It’s black.”

AC/DC marketed that color twenty-six years ago.

One guy I know is begging his wife to let him buy the new one. But she won’t let him. So he’s resorted to leaving it in places hoping that it’ll get stolen. He leaves his car windows with the old fashioned white Mac sitting on the passenger seat. But nobody wants that old white Mac. They did snake his car’s sound system, though, along with his new black iPod plugged into it.

I think it’s predetermined in the gene of a Mac guy. The gene used to be called the “Nerd Gene”. If you have this gene, you may have owned a Commodore 64 or Amiga 500 or played Pong.

“I heard the new Macs don’t get viruses,” sad one Mac guy to another.

That may or not be true, but the Mac guys I know are always sick or sickly. That come from a weaker gene pool.


Jeff T. said...

PCs are the working class' computer. One might even say the PC is the Springsteen of the computer world.

J Dub said...

My Mac is silver. So ooh.

Chris Goeppner said...

im a mac snob and proud of it.

m brunjes said...

Yea I much rather have my compuetr look like a cinder block with a screen. But i think the best part about owing is a PC is that cool game of "figuring out what the heck the indian guy is saying" you get to play when you call trech support, and with a PC that will be probably be often.

Bryonm said...