Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's Hip to be Cool: The Christian Music Industry

Christianity Today has a couple of realy good articles about the Christian Music Industry this week.

The first article is about what it takes to market one's self as a "cool" Christian band.

Being a "cool" Christian is a pretty tall order. As mid-life crisis lands on me with it's full weight, I find myself wasting way too much time trying to market myself as hip. I think I'll feel relieved when I fainally give up the losing battle. Just a side-note :)

Take a couple of minutes an read the article. (source)

The second article, The Kingdom of Rock is at Hand, is a great read. Patton Dodd, the article's author has been reading my mail:

Show me an evangelical between the ages of 15 and 50, and I'll show you an evangelical who can tell this story (or something much like it): I used to listen to secular music, then I discarded it all and listened only to Christian music. Then I realized I didn't like much Christian music, so I slowly started listening to secular music again. Now I listen to the David Crowder Band in the mornings and Radiohead on the drive home.

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Anonymous said...

I'm currently in the "I only listent Christian music and I just discarded all my old stuff" phase, by the way, David Crowder is awesome.