Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Boss

The greatest singer/songwriter that has ever graced music charts is Bruce Springsteen. I can’t deal with his politics, but I love his music.

Music and words. Most males don’t listen to the words, but I do. And I love what Springsteen says and how he puts a tune to it. It’s the words. Then add music and energy and the show. This package has impacted a generation of musicians in rock and roll and country. Deny it if you dare.

His songs are real. They’re stories about people you know. He brings to life characters like Wild Billy, Rosalita, Crazy Janie, Wendy, Davey, Killer Joe, Frank, and a girl named Mary. His songs have made you re-think the death penalty and what you think about the victims of AIDS. He makes you think about people as individuals you know and can even love.

His songs are about the memories of youth that has slipped away, regret, broken dreams, redemption, and hope. Who doesn’t experience these every day or think about them in the middle of a sleepless night? Bruce identifies best with us regular guys and gals.

There’s something about listening to someone that personifies and identifies your feelings; how deeply you feel. Not what you wish you were, but what you are. We really don’t know what the future holds, but we know we know the past and the present. The Boss helps us remember and feel.

Is melancholy so bad?


Chris Goeppner said...

his songs are hits at karaoke partys, but you know that already.

Jeff T. said...

Dude - "Streets Of Philadelphia" is my favorite Boss song. It still gives me chills (in a totally heterosexual way) and is easily his most underrated song. In my opinion, close to his best.