Sunday, November 20, 2005

Men's Addiction Group Kickoff

Our first men’s addictions group got together Thursday night. It’s not a complex meeting. Our goal is to create a safe community for men to confess their struggles, be encouraged by their brothers, and get prayer. We are watching a series of teachings by Sy Rogers. What follows are the notes I took in our first meeting.

We need to have:
>The ability to fail and recover
>A good sense of humor; enjoyment and satisfaction amid imperfection
>Perseverance; commitment to the picture
>Realistic expectations

What have you been expecting? Do you expect being a Christian with a sin nature to be convenient?
Convenience is an idol worshipped by Americans, believers and unbelievers alike.

God’s expectation: For Us to Know God and make Him known.

>Redemption is not a cure; sin can still take its toll in your life
>Redemption is not a “zap” solving all your problems
>Becoming a Christian does not mean that God gives you amnesia: your memory is not erased.
>Unrealistic expectations yield superficial, immature Christians
>Redemption is regaining self-control in thought and behavior/deed
>Redemption is management of needs and weaknesses in healthy, not self-destructive ways.
>Don’t despise your weakness – don’t despise it and coddle it; allow it to drive you to God
>God will bring resolve to conflicts within you and around you that block your growth

CS Lewis: “We are all a bunch of beggars, the difference is we now go to God to get our bread.”

God would rather have a son that fails than no son at all. When you fail, get up and keep moving forward don’t give up.

Men are event driven.
God creates events that lead to processes.

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