Sunday, November 20, 2005

From the NoHo Zone

Since we started this Men's Addiction group, I've been cruising the net looking for the best and most down-to-earth resources I can for guys who struggle with men's "issues." You know the issues I'm talking about, guys... Yeah... what you just now thought of.

One of the best sites I've seen in the Christian realm is It's funny, real, and challenging. Kudos to Mike and Craig for doing something out of the box and reaching the people that most of us in the Christian community wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

Let's talk about that for a second. It's interesting, you people who read your Bibles, to note that in the geneology of Christ there are listed, well, loose women. But we church folk are scared to death to minister to those kind of women. I'm mostly speaking for myself. And my wife really doesn't want me "ministering" to them either. At least not out of her line of sight which is definitely okay with me.

Lately it's difficult to tell by the way a woman dresses whether she is a Christian sister or not. I'm not saying that the moral strength of the church has so permeated American fashion culture that modest has become hip. I'm saying that what's immodest and en vogue has more infiltrated the way women in the church deck themselves out. Church babes often look more loose than the women who may not yet be followers of Jesus. I recommend that godly gals click here and take the NoHo pledge. Below is an excerpt:

Take The NoHo Pledge:
I, state your name, promise to the best of my ability not to dress, buy clothes or act like a Ho. Clothes I should try to avoid buying or wearing: tight pants that are cut so low that when I bend over you can see my g-string or butt crack, tight half shirts that show my six or not-so-six pack, tight shirts that are low cut to show my cleavage or short shorts that you can see my butt cheeks in.

I know that God desires me to glorify him in all things and I realize that by dressing like a Ho, I only desire to give glory to me, not God. I also know boys have a problem with sexual things and I know that by not dressing like a Ho, I can be a part of the solution, not the problem!


Chris Goeppner said...

Heavy stuph. Good stuph.

Jeff T. said...

Christmas is a great time to take the NoHoHoHo pledge...

Sorry - it was too hard to resist!

Kudos to you bro for saying what everybody's thinking - we need leaders like you.