Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bungled Communication

Is it me? I mean, I try to communicate. I attempt to be diplomatic. I struggle to be sensitive to my listeners and co-workers (you don’t need to ask them). The most used book in my library is How to Say It. And, when I think about, I read the book and try to apply it. But what about when you think you really don’t need to consult an expert with a book? So you just go into your co-worker’s or boss’s office and dive into whatever the issue is. Then you walk out of his or her office with your head spinning lugging with you a bigger sack of unresolved issues as you carried into the meeting. Does your day ever work out that way? That’s the story of my life (somebody call a WHAH-mbulance).

Todd Rhoades sent around a great email Monday that was, of course, linked to his blog. I thought it was helpful enough for me that I sent all my co-workers a link to the article. I don’t know if they read it (I was actually just hoping they’d recognize how connected I was to helpful resources).

So how did Todd Rhodes get so smart? I should have known my work week was headed for the toilet when I got an email that said: “Do you anticipate a problem-free week?” That’s how Todd started his article. I’m like, “I should be okay, but the rest of the staff will probably have a bumpy week – they’ll appreciate this…” So I hit forward and sent the link to Todd’s article.

Seriously, I appreciate the wisdom found at Monday Morning Insight and enjoy following the links from Todd’s blog. Just knowing that this information is out there helps me realize that I’m not the only one with these stupid struggles and helps me feel less alone in ministry.

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Mike West said...

Great analogy - Nobody's dyin on the operating table except in surgery.