Monday, November 14, 2005

Über Christ Followers – Part 7 – Clay Hecocks

I met Clay Hecocks when I started attending Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale during the winter of 1992. I volunteered as a sound tech in the worship ministry on Sunday mornings during the second service and during the Sunday evening service. What stands out most about what I learned from Clay is that he taught me about excellence in worship ministry. But try not to take yourself too seriously. And, oh yeah, have fun. As he grew, he made sure those he led grew along beside him.

What Clay probably regrets most in his role as a mentor is the day he volunteered to help my family move. He jumped out of the truck, landed funny, and messed up his ankle. He walked around in a sock for a couple of weeks after that.

I was impressed that Clay, a pastor and leader at our church would take the time to help us move. He never asked for a favor in return. I never forgot his example of service and have tried to follow his example in the congregation where I now serve as a pastor.

I laugh at the memory of the day Clay kicked my perfectly well-behaved if not slightly misunderstood son out of the Christmas show. All he was doing was singing, “I’m not listening,” with his fingers jammed in his ears. How does that get you kicked out of the Christmas show?

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Where did you find this guy????