Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Über Christ Followers – Part 6 – Mark Davis


Each minute I spent with this man made me wiser, encouraged me, and re-focused my efforts.

Pastor Mark was the man who prepared me for my first full time ministry position. The preparation time he poured into my life lasted for a couple of years. Mark probably doesn’t even realize the impact he had on me.

Mark gave me one of the best books on ministry preparation I’ve ever read (The Making of a Leader by Frank Damazio). Mark gave me this book at a crucial crossroads in my ministry development. I’ve used the lessons and principles in this book in every ministry mentoring situation since.

He taught me to have the solutions to my complaints.

I’ll never forget the time he tapped me on my chest and said, “Bryon, you have it here in your heart.” Then he tapped my head and said, “But you don’t quite have it here, yet.”


He taught me that wisdom isn’t proving you know everything.

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