Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who You Callin’ a Nerd?

“Wow, Dad, you have a blog? Heh-heh. You’re a nerd.”

That’s what the super-cool 16 year old son-of-mine said to me looking over my shoulder yesterday.

“Didn’t you have some kind of junk up on ‘My Space dot com’?” I asked.
He said, “Yeah. But that was six months ago.”

Six months ago my kids were saying I was “metro.” I don’t know if “nerd” is a promotion or a demotion. I’m pretty sure it’s a step down from “metro.”

“Don’t you see I’m discussing MOTORCYCLES on my blog? How is that nerdy?” I ask.

“It’s compensation for extreme nerdiness.”

There’s no pleasing this kid.

I talked him into letting me scan a picture of his face into my computer. I had him put his face and hands on the glass that way when I load the jpeg onto my desktop, it looks like he’s trapped in my monitor. I photoshopped the scan of his face to look like that guy on the cover of Pink Floyd’s the Wall album. It’s hideous. Even evil-looking. That’s his penance.

And what’s the problem with blogging? How does that make you a nerd? I just like to write and mess around with the HTML code and get a little creative. It’s not like I’m a computer geek or something. Although, our IT guy and I do email back and forth quite a bit of tech talk. He sends me to these really cool computer geek websites…

Wait a minute – Geek web sites? HTML? Computer code? Blogging? Getting revenge with computer photo altering? OH my gosh! I AM A NERD!

What would Fonzie do?

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