Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where to Begin?

So this is what it's like to see my thoughts in print in public. It's what I've always wanted - that is, for you to know what I think. Indulge me, this is my first post. You probably won't even find it until it's been here for quite sometime. When you do dig this up (kind of like a time capsule), go ahead and email me just to let me know you’ve unearthed it from the this internet graveyard. I'm kind of wondering how long it will take for you to find this post.

I've been reading blogs for only about six months now. I heard about blogs from time to time in the news and in magazines. I've talked about blogs kind of slipping "blog" into sentences here and there to sound tech savvy. But this is the first time I've actually blogged. How am I doing?
I've commented recently on a couple of other peoples' blogs to sort of ease into blogging. Maybe you're interested in my opinion on others' opinions. Here's a link to a post that I commented on just three times today discussing Christians’ tendency to judge and divide over petty differences. And if you follow this link, you'll read the rather profound comments I made about the topic of secular music and its place in the church service. In both areas, I'm listed as BryonM. There’s probably a way to link right to my comments, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

I haven't figured out, really, how to operate any of the features offered by this blog thing. I'd love to tell you (because I’m sure you care) about the books I read or the music I enjoy. I can tell you I've been married to the beautiful and charming Susan for nineteen years. I don't know how to upload pictures so take my word for it when I say that she's more beautiful and charming than I deserve. And I have two great kids, Charity, my 18 year old daughter, and Aaron, my sixteen year old son. They both have their driver's licenses and their own beat up cars. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wild world of blogging! You thought nobody was reading didnt you? This is how it happens, one day you're trying to figure out what to say...the next..people are reading all the dumb stuff you were trying to figure out to say...wacky!

Anonymous said...

I liked the photos Bryon....what's the deal - I got an email from Chris with his blog attachment.....is this a new way to evangelize? We'll have to keep an eye out and see what your thinking.....Lyette R.