Sunday, January 07, 2007

Über Christ Follower Chet Lowe

Chet may be one of the most radical Christ followers I've ever met. Chet ranks among living, breathing heroes in my book. If you could put Rocky Balboa and Mother Theresa in a blender, Chet Lowe is what that blended drink would look like. Bono wants to be Chet.

He's served in ministry ever since I've known him since the early nineties. He and his wife-to-be, Andrea, served in Children's ministry at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale and were the favorite teachers of my then elementary-aged kids. Chet and Andrea won my heart then beuase they loved my kids. Love my kids and I'll love you.

Soon after Chet and Andrea were married, Chet moved his small family to Liberia to plant churches and raise up pastors. At one point, during civil strife, he was separated from his family during an emergency evacuation. His story reads something like 2 Corinthians 11:22-29.

The next logical step for Chet was to become a radical disciple developer. He spearheaded a program in Montana at the Potter's Field Ranch and has brought that concept to the Bahamas and launched Patmos. At the end of January, my son, Aaron, will be a part of that program.

Congratulations are due Pastor Chet for being installed as the new director of the Adventure Learning Center in Nassau, Bahamas.

Chet is the husband of Andrea and father of Giovanni, Austin, Emmanuel, A.J., Micaiah, Abigail, Eliya, Selah, and Timon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! I had a science teacher when I was at DHS, Fort Lauderdale, Florida who was AWESOME!!! His name - Chet Lowe. For whatever reason, I decided to Google him today and ran across this arcticle. I had heard that he had moved to Africa but didn't know what was going on with him after the "emergency evacuation" you mention. Praise God - he's still doing the Lords work. WOW!! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I went to a camp in my 6th grade year, and the main speaker was Pastor Chet. I wasn't exactly thrilled because I like sticking with one pastor. The days went really fast, and then came the groups VS the other group games. Worship came, and it was wonderful. Then I was thinking that Pastor Chet better bring some awesome stories out...

Every day that week, I heard him tell so many stories about his life. The stories he told were amazing, some were hard to believe- but true. The stories he told were just phenomenal! He changed my life that week.

I learned about all the things that He goes through, because of his love for the Lord. This week he is actually in Liberia, serving the Lord, knowing that anything might happen to Him at any moment.
I go to Calvary Chapel FTLD. I see him every so often, and I can’t thank him enough for how much he had opened my eyes. He loves the Lord with everything he has, and you can definitely see it.