Sunday, February 01, 2015

January Daily Devotionals for Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

I'm really happy to be part of a team of writers posting daily devotionals on Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale's website. In January, our church's teaching team launched a weekend series about family, relationships, and being created in the Image of God called Interconnected. Our team of devotional contributors write pieces daily based on topics being taught from the pulpit to reinforce and supplement the principles being taught.

Here's a list of January's devotionals along with the authors that wrote them. Enjoy!

1/1 »The Initiator of Relationships by Bryon Mondok
1/2 »Living in Community by James Seawell
1/3 »God Knows You by Danny Saavedra
1/4 »A Transforming Glory by Bryon Mondok
1/5 »New Man in Town by Danny Saavedra
1/6 »Children of the Lord by Mike Miller
1/7 »The Good Wife by Danny Saavedra
1/8 »Forsaking All Others by Charlie Halleran
1/9 »A New Way to Live by Bryon Mondok
1/10 »An Inconvenient Moment by Kelly Nothnagle
1/11 »Finishing the Divine Task by Jeff Denis
1/12 »What Really Matters? by Steve Carlson
1/13 »Simplicity of Purpose by Michael Rust
1/14 »Reconciled Through Redemption by Jessica Busboom
1/15 »Beautiful Redemption by Anitra Parmele
1/16 »In Christ: Redemption by Fidel Gomez
1/17 »Somebodies and Nobodies by Bryon Mondok
1/18 »Letting Go of the Past by Nia Arnold
1/19 »Playing Favorites by Luann Doman
1/20 »Parental Solicitude by Greg Anderson
1/21 »When You're Called to Pick One or the Other by Bryon Mondok
1/22 »A Parent's Prayer by Chris Baselice
1/23 »A Loyal Heart by Duane Roberts
1/24 »Take Care of Your Soul by Greg Anderson
1/25 »The God-Infused Life by Luann Doman
1/26 »Every Day, All the Time by George Sayour
1/27 »Stories Change Behavior by Bryon Mondok
1/28 »Raising Children by Rod Pearcy
1/29 »Be Present In Your Present by Melissa Presser
1/30 »A Quiver Truly Full by Ashley Ruiz
1/31 »To Let Them Fly by Ashley Ruiz


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