Thursday, May 02, 2013

One of my heroes

Even though posts here have been sparse over the past month, I have actually been writing and working through past blog posts I’ve written in and organizing them into my outline. If this is your first time here, you need to read this post to understand what I’m writing about.
One topic I worked on was about one of our heroes. Ruth. She’ll be so embarrassed if or when she reads this, but she is one strong, classy lady.
Her love and dedication to Allie has been God's gift to us. Nobody has been a bigger help to us.
Ruth is Allie's paternal grandmother.
She is a friend that we have a unique bond with because we all want things to be back the way they were when Allie was a healthy little baby full of wonder about the new world she had been born into. This was before she learned that the world had fallen from grace and is broken.
Ruth is broken like we are and that binds us together. In spite of this, she always encourages Susan and I. She constantly affirms us. Encouragement turns the tide. Words of encouragement don’t come naturally. Otherwise the Bible wouldn’t instruct us to encourage one another. It wouldn’t have to if it came naturally.
Encouraging people takes putting others first. That’s something else that doesn’t come naturally. Talking about one’s self and putting one’s self first comes naturally. Encouragement, however, changes the course of somebody else’s life.
Allie shrieks with joy when Ruth walks into the house. She goes nuts kicking her feet and yelling happily. Allie could be in the worst mood, but Ruth changes things the instant when she brings her grace and classiness into the room.
Life isn't fair but Ruth doesn't complain. She makes it a point to be a blessing to those around her proving that the best way to overcome adversity is to put others before yourself. She has done that with Allie and Susan and me demonstrating goodness that must be mentioned.
When I need a lesson in classy, I go to Ruth.


Cheryl said...

What a wonderful post!

Mike West said...

I like Yolanda and I've never even met her. :) Having someone in your life like her is a blessing.
Write on....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bryron, I feel the same way about you guys, Allie is so blessed to have you as her parents. Love you guys.