Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Book Outline

I’m amazed by how many of my friends are writing books. Actual books. People I know are doing this.
And I’ve been working through the disciplines of writing a book although failing miserably. Between distractions and a serious lack of discipline, I’ve just had a really hard time starting.
But 2013 is going to be different. I’ve been working diligently. I read recently in a book about writing books (reading books about writing makes you feel like you’re making actual progress whether you are or aren’t) that you should write publicly just for the accountability. So I’m going to give that a try. I’m going to post about my progress and even invite my friends to read, and give editing suggestions. And look for a kick-starter type page to go up sometime this year as I make more progress because I’m going to have to hire an editor and I don’t have any money.
The book I want to write will be a memoir of adopting a child that has been severely abused (do you know of any books like that that I’ll be competing with? Send me a link if so).
Here’s the outline I plan to work from. It’s only the top level since the details are rough and I’m embarrassed to share them. That will come as I flesh out rough drafts.

Allie Book Outline

  • the call

  • the pregnancy

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • The Ride in the Ambulance

  • The arrival

  • The Confession

  • The arrest

  • Dazed and Confused

  • Getting ready to go

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • My arrival in SFO

  • Ruth

  • My arrival at the hospital

  • Child Protective Services

  • How could God let this happen?

  • God comes through in Crisis

  • Still on the breathing machine

  • Susan Arrives

  • Coming out of a coma

  • Prayer Life in atrophy

  • Something Deeper

  • Released from the hospital

  • I'm leaving

  • Living Sacrifice

  • Homeless, suicidal

  • Aaron

  • Abandoned

  • Back in Florida

  • Life with a special needs kid

  • Timmy

  • Redemptive chain reaction

Many of you know our story. What else do I need to write about?


gennarino said...

This is a book that needs to be written. with the comfort you have received you will comfort others. Proud of you.

Unknown said...

Well. You do have a story and from your own personal experience you know that the encouragement your story can provide has the power of changing or saving someone else's life.
You have the skill. I'll be praying.

Bryonm said...


Thanks a lot. That means a ton..

Bryonm said...


You're too kind.

Luann said...

Great outline, great content, great writer...the keys to a great book. As Anne Lamott says, "Butt in chair and write. Write badly. Just write."

Karen Ras said...

Glad you're writing this. Even if there are other books on the same topic out there, we can always learn from the different circumstances and varied solutions. Please write truthfully about the real stress a handicapped child puts on a marriage, and how you work on that every day.
Much love and best wishes.

Bryonm said...


Thanks so much for the encouragement. I love Luann's admonition: "Butt in chair and write!"

Bryonm said...


Bless you. I miss you and Ken so much.

Marny Torres-Sartor said...

As usual i am taking your blog no matter how long its been since e last time i was on it i always want to read more, so i am very excited about your book and I am posting to encourage you to write and to add to that amazing outline how were you able to encourage other marriages like mine in the mist of all this? We know is Holy Spirit working through you but the details on it, remembered the time that thne back Florida you and Susan took the time to counsel,me without notice or appointment (so me sorry:( I am getting better:) Allie was there of course and I was so move as I was studying John 11 last week it reminded me so much of you ver 35: Jesus Wept, you wept as I was pouring my heart out like it was happening to you which is what God has called us to do setting that example right in that chapter I was so moved by your tears and has never forgotten your words "invest in your marriage it is worth it" and we did and here we are not part of the 51percent divorce statistic but a blessed marriage doing our best to be the best example for our children falling short at times but always asking God for guidance and putting Him as the center of our life's ! Thank you Jesus for Pastor Bryon!!, please letting him be a blessing to others with this book as he has been to so many that he does not even know like my family members and friends even in Venezuela that I have share his story with, give him the time and wisdom in Jesus name, Amen

Marny Torres-Sartor said...

I meant as usual I am taking away by your blog can edited it sorry :(