Friday, October 12, 2012

Soul Mate


The Charming and Beautiful Susan and I were not soul mates when we met. It wasn’t instant.  It wasn’t magical. I remember it was a warm, muggy night when we met. There were wine coolers and an overused deck of cards. I wasn’t wearing a shirt. Susan had just gotten off of work from her job as a waitress at Pizza Hut. Her room mate was flirty and smothering me and I was competing with two other guys in my neighborhood for Susan’s affection.

There was no magic. No romance.

We were both stumbling around in the dark. That was twenty-seven years ago this month. Susan was 19. I had been twenty for about a week.

After years, trials big and small and hardships unimaginable, by the grace of God, we're together. We've become soul mates.

Working through this life with your mate refines you. With each trial or test, your relationship together moves to another level of depth of knowing each other. If you fail a test, don’t worry. There’s a make-up test. You get a do-over. But if you take a pass – if you won’t endure – you miss out.

I hope this doesn’t sound like arrogant lecturing. Leave me a comment if it does. What I really want to do is to exhort you, friend, to dig in and dig deep. You have a friend that you share a life with that can be known and loved more than you can imagine if you decide to give it everything you got without expecting anything in return. This is where the relationship moves into overdrive; the turbo kicks in. Shift up.

God is creatively redeeming every facet of your life through this relationship. He’s making all things good. That’s what He does. He makes good things. He makes things that bring Him pleasure. That’s you. That’s your spouse. That’s your family.

God is good all the time. I can't say it enough. He’s fashioning your relationship together to look like a work of art. It’s unthinkable to think He can make anything less than a priceless masterpiece.


Unknown said...

Well said Bryon, and hopefully it will be heard by many above the din and distraction of life. Any good relationship is an investment of ourselves, usually requiring the loss of ourselves. God is good and He's the One who invests in us first.
thanks for sharing,

Bryonm said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Trip. I need to get my hands on your book so I can review it here.