Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My kid's have done nothing but make me look bad on Mother's Day. I usually get my wife a card from the drug store, but they always make something awesome which makes me look cheap. Thanks guys.

My son Aaron created a very cool video for the Charming and Beautiful Susan this Mother's Day that I've embedded below. He started texting her before the sun came up this morning to let her know this video was posted for her online.

Maybe you don't have the skills to give your momma a video like this, but write your mom a note. Here are some things you can tell her on the phone or write on a piece of paper:
  • Tell her your earliest good memories of her.
  • Remind her that she shaped and influenced you.
  • Let her know that you've never felt more loved or protected than when she took care of you.
  • Think about her cooking. Tell her about how your mouth is watering right now as you think about it.
  • Mom always believed in you. Think about that for a second and tell her about an event or period of your life her faith in you helped you weather.
  • She worked hard and taught you to work hard. Now you provide for and take care of your family. Give mom credit for that.
  • Are you creative? Do you like to read? Did mom teach you that? Remind her about it. She probably still has some of your school art projects some where. She'll pull them out and have a good cry.
  •  Tell mom how much you love her.

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