Saturday, December 10, 2011

I love my Church #ILoveMyChurch

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale is in the middle of one the most amazing outreaches I've ever heard of. It's simple and brilliant and generous. Here's the jist of it. The church is putting 25,000 very nice Bibles into the hands of every person that comes to church this weekend at it's six campuses across South Florida. But these Bibles aren't for the recipients to keep - they're to give away. They're a Free Gift.

Calvary's "It's a Free Gift" Bible give away fulfills two disciple-making purposes - it's In-reach and Out-reach both at the same time. The In-reach component works like this: every Christian that goes to Calvary has been taught about sharing their faith at church services. Next, the church is equipping each person with an E100 Bible from the American Bible Society, a DVD with a message from Pastor Bob Coy (it can be viewed here), and a Christmas music CD produced by Calvary's very own Ocean's Edge Music.

The Out-reach side of it is this: every person has been encouraged to pray over the past several weeks for a person who needs the Gospel. The Bible included in the package is specially designed utilizing 100 highlighted verses to introduce someone to the basics of faith in Christ. It's a wonderful tool for someone to help a friend grow in a new relationship with Jesus.

Check out recent posts at to see how volunteers are engaging in this outreach.

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