Thursday, August 25, 2011

New School

allie-lapAllie started kindergarten this week. KINDERGARTEN! She loves it.

Last week, the Charming and Beautiful Susan and I went for a visit at Allie's new school, Bright Horizons, to meet Allie's new teacher and check things out. The first thing Allie's teacher told us was that a new chair and a new walker arrived for Allie. We were floored. We have been trying to get Allie a walker for TWO YEARS! We show up one day at school and not only is there a walker, but also a new specially made chair for Allie to sit in while she learns new things.

Allie will be able to go to this school until she's an adult. It's weird to think about a thing like that with your five year old. Especially one with Allie's unique challenges. But knowing that kind of stability exists in our situation is good.

A whole new world has opened up to us. The kids at this school melt my heart.

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Luann said...

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! So happy the way things are working out. Allie is going to far exceed all our expectations. :)