Saturday, August 13, 2011

His Crime Our Punishment

We got word this week that Paul will be free in October 2012. I know, hard to swallow, right?

I came to terms early in this ordeal that the most time he would serve is eleven years. That was the maximum according to sentencing guidelines judges adhere to when doling out justice.

He was sentenced to six years. Time served in the county jail waiting for trial reduced the total he had left to under two more years as of this past spring. Doesn't seem right does it? Allie will never be a normal little girl. She will always be horribly handicapped and limited in so many ways. Susan and I have had to radically change our lives to care for this little girl including loss of home and income to intervene before Allie was put into the California foster system as a quadriplegic. And my daughter Charity has endured irreversible psychological damage through the ordeal of having her child shaken and suffocated and then having her parental rights terminated. Not to mention violence inflicted on her that went unreported. Our lives are forever altered.

The life altering effects of the crime weren't even considered in court. Shaken baby syndrome is a controversial medical diagnosis. The medical community is split over whether it should be discussed in open court. So Paul was only charged with the assault on Allie that put her in the hospital. Not the regular abuse and assault that he confessed to that occurred over a three month period. The only admissible part of his confession was the corroboration the injuries Allie had when she was admitted into the hospital a comatose little ten month old baby girl.

We put together a video of a day in the life of Allie that the judge would not permit the jury to see. The judge looked at it. And you can see it, too. But it had no bearing on Paul's sentence. Only ours.

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    michelle said...

    oh Bryon! God bless you and your beautiful family! I will add our family to my prayer list.

    michelle said...

    I mean your family

    Bryonm said...

    @micey: Thanks for your prayers.

    Luann said...

    Our "justice" system doesn't always seem just, does it?
    I wonder what Paul's life will consist of when he gets out...
    I wonder if the judge thinks of the little girl in the video when he lays his head on the pillow at night...

    Muriel said...

    Oh Bryon. There are no words. Even 11 years would not be enough! but next year release?! uggh. Where is justice? You and Susan hold on as you have. Allie is so beautiful, I think she looks like Susan:) My heart breaks over what could have been. You'll remain in our prayers. Thank you for sharing this. I know it's a sacrifice. Love to you, Muriel

    Anne said...

    I was just thinking of you, Susan and Allie. I followed your early days of bringing her into your home and hearts and am thankful for the update. May you all continue to find strength, comfort and joy in your love for one another. I am so grateful Allie has you and Susan! You all will ever remain in my heart as an example of love that never gives up. Thank you for the testimony you have been to me.

    Bryonm said...

    @Anne: so good to hear from you. Thanks for checking in with me. Please pray for me as I turn our story into a book.

    @Muriel: I'd love to see you and Jim. Is there anyway we can make this happen? Let's connect on FB.

    Rob said...

    I loved you on the swing... Praying for you bro. Rob