Monday, June 27, 2011

Three Practical Ways for You to Impact and Change Haiti

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Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale along with the Calvary Chapel Haiti Initiative (CCHI) is working to change conditions in Haiti. 40 churches have been involved in the effort, but more help is still needed. It’s been over a year and a half since the earthquake that flattened an entire nation and Haiti's infrastructure is still in a shambles.

"When the Haitian people see that the house that represents government infrastructure is still broken down and is so poor, you can see why there are heavy hearts where you'd hope for optimism." ---Pastor Bob Coy

Calvary has focused its efforts on the city of Jacmel, Haiti, and its churches because the church is the center of the local community. CCHI has helped rebuild churches, dig water wells and provide recreation areas for youth.

CCHI is working to equip and empower Haitians with life skills that will sustain them for generations to come. Carpentry, metal working, agriculture, English, and computer technology are some of the skills taught.

"They just don't come here and give you something and leave. They create the support system that can be beneficial for the long term." ---Franz Louis Pierre, Advocate for the Mayor of Jacmel

CCHI also hosts pastors’ conferences to encourage and teach local pastors so they can, in turn, teach and encourage their communities.

Here’s what you can do:

check markCome to Haiti

check markGive to the Calvary Chapel Haiti Initiative

check markPray for changed lives

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