Monday, February 21, 2011

Colson on: Doctrinal Boot Camp

flags[1] I saw this on Christianity Today today. I love it when an article starts off the way this one did:

If you have survived a Marine Corps boot camp, read no further. If not, this article is for you.

I did survive Marine Corps boot camp. but I felt inclined to read further. And so should you.

Writes Colson:

So I was delighted recently to visit a 31-year-old evangelical who understood my concern. Like me, this young man, Donovan Campbell, was a former Marine Corps officer. He has written a gripping book, Joker One, about his experiences in Iraq as a platoon commander. I asked him about younger evangelicals who believe that we oldsters aren't being sensitive enough to their concerns. "Can you imagine," he asked, "what would happen if a scruffy young recruit were to tell his Marine drill instructor at Parris Island that he ought to be more sensitive to his needs?"

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